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About Us

My name is Lisa and dogs are my life. Being able to work with them on a daily basis is a dream come true.


We love to home board our guests and have many dogs that come to us on a regular basis and for many years.  They enjoy the experience, for them it's a doggy holiday!


Please contact us for a meet and greet and to discuss your specific needs.

Home Boarding

We are registered with Charnwood Borough Council (CBCAAL/019) and are fully insured, which allows us to board your dog in the comfort of our own home and to live as one of our family, giving you an alternative to the traditional boarding kennel. You can enjoy your holiday knowing that your dog is also having a fun with us.


Our guests are made very welcome and have the freedom of the home and garden. We do not have any kennels, so sleeping, playing and eating are all part of the family time routine. Your dog's comfort and well-being is our priority and they are welcome to bring their own belongings with them, favourite toys, bedding, etc, which will help them feel 'at home'.


We are ideally placed for lovely walks, long or short to suit your pet.  We have our own loving dogs, who love to play with their doggy friends.

We request proof of vaccination and also ask that worming and flea treatments are up to date.



Day Care
We also offer day care, but places are very limited to ensure that as far as possible a normal home environment is provided for your dog. We provide them with a stimulating environment, snacks, treats and meals if required (meals provided by owners), playtimes and good walks. We will use the same training and words that you use to ensure consistency and stability for your dog. Your dog will return home tired and happy rather than being frustrated and lonely when you need to be out for long hours.


PUPPIES benefit from early day care as they can be well socialised with dogs, people and everyday situations, paving the way for many years of happy dogs and owners. Toilet training is also quicker and easier when a pup is not left alone.


We understand that working hours are not always social hours and are happy to be here for your dog to suit around your needs.

Dogs with more challenging behaviour problems can be worked with and are often helped by ensuring that they are not left on their own for long hours.


If you have any special requirements please ask…. We may be able to offer that special something for your canine friend.


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